Audit logs

Modification logs

  • Activate parameter rec/client in the profile instance (for all clients or a few ones). As performace can decrease it is advised to activate it only in one client per system.
  • By default, modification logs are enabled for customizing tables if rec/client parameter is activated
  • recclient paramter must be activated in the Transport System profile in order to store modifications made by transport requests.
  • Audit logs use a lot of space in database. Check it regulary.



  • Can be enabled by activating the following paramters on the instance profile
  • DIR_AUDIT: folder where audit logs are stored
  • FN_AUDIT: audit logs filenames nomenclature
  • rsau/enable=1: parameter for activating audit
  • rsau/max_diskspace/per_day: max size for all audit logs per day
  • rsau/max_diskspace/per_file: max file size per audit log
  • rsau/selection_slots: number of selection units used by S_TCODE SM19 and verificated by SAP System during the proccess
  • Use S_TCODE SM18 to set up the job for automatic deletion of audit logs

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