SAP Note 358688 – Performance for request release: TLOCKPC

The release of a large Change and Transport System (CTS) request that has many table keys and is assigned to an Implementation Guide (IMG) project takes a very long time. When you call transaction SM50, you see that the process carries out a read access to the table TLOCKPC, which takes a long time. Check […]

How To Logon Tickets Enterprise Portal

Assuming that SAP EP creates logon tickets and are received by another SAP Netweaver system. Export SAP Enterprise Portal Certificate Login in SAP Netweaver system with DDIC user in client 000 From S_TCODE STRUSTSSO2 import SAP EP Certificate. Add it to PSE Add it to ACL (using SAPSID and client) Go to S_TCODE RZ10 and […]

Audit logs

Modification logs Activate parameter rec/client in the profile instance (for all clients or a few ones). As performace can decrease it is advised to activate it only in one client per system. By default, modification logs are enabled for customizing tables if rec/client parameter is activated recclient paramter must be activated in the Transport System […]